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By: Juliette Barry
Originally Appeared in : 9726-12/21/17

Father Douglas K. Clark’s article ‘Fides et Ratio’ in the November 23, 2017 edition of the Southern Cross is greatly appreciated! 


The spread of socialism and communism, of class envy and misinformation is a threat to the freedoms we are blessed with under the Constitution of the United States of America. Father Clark’s knowledge of world history and his ability to shine a light on the menace of dictatorship through the vehicles of socialism and communism is encouraging and should often be repeated!


By: Maria-Pia Negro Chin (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9722-10/26/17

“Todos hemos nacido para ser santos”. Ha oído esa frase antes? Piensa que esa es la razón por la cual Dios lo trajo al mundo?


Nos cuesta creer esto porque muchos de nosotros tenemos ideas equivocadas sobre lo que significa ser santo.


“Los santos no son personas ‘extraordinarias’. No son como ‘extraterrestres’ que bajan a la tierra”, escribió el arzobispo de Los Ángeles José H. Gómez. “Demasiada gente piensa eso. Y esto dificulta el poder ayudarles a ver lo que Dios quiere de nuestras vidas”.


By: David Gibson (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9722-10/26/17

Something virtually unthinkable happened during the Second Vatican Council in the early 1960s. Numerous Christians who were not Roman Catholics were invited to serve as formal observers of the council proceedings in Rome.


These observers’ surprising presence at the council confirmed that a centuries-long polemical era of disputes and contention, a time when divided Christians basically turned their backs to each other, was undergoing a profound transformation.


By: Maria-Pia Negro (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9722-10/26/17

Do you ever wonder what God wants out of your life? Why did he create you?


Los Angeles Archbishop Jose H. Gomez recently wrote, “We are all born to be saints.”


Yet, we might be reluctant to believe this because of misconceptions of what it means to be a saint.


“Saints are not ‘extraordinary’ people – they are not like ‘extraterrestrials’ who come down to earth,” Archbishop Gomez said. “Too many people think like that – and it gets in the way of helping them to see what God wants with our lives.”


By: Dan Knaue
Originally Appeared in : 9712-6/8/17

Moises Sandoval’s column on fear is worthy of closer examination. (Southern Cross Vol. 97 No. 11, May 25, 2010, page 5.)


A foreign student who has overstayed his student visa should be understandably anxious. However, there is no right or even expectation to remain on an H1-B visa – which are being used to displace Americans from their jobs. There’s a legitimate source of anxiety.


By: Staff
Originally Appeared in : 9707-3/30/17

Dear Rachel Swenson Balducci,


For years I have approached doing the laundry—at least physically—as you describe your methods in the splendid column “The Spirituality of Laundry” in the March 2, 2017 issue of the Southern Cross. Now by keeping the column in the washing room of my apartment I shall approach it spiritually. As a fellow columnist since 2000 with The Southeast Georgian and the Tribune and Georgian. I have long appreciated your work. As a Catholic I make it the one thing I always read. 

Best wishes always,


Fred Hill, St. Marys

By: Peter Schreck

In Father Kavanaugh’s op-ed in the Nov. 24th edition of the Southern Cross, he states that it is our obligation as Americans and Christians to be vigilant about “Nativism, segregation and the dangers we face,” especially in light of the election results a couple of weeks ago. He says, “This frightens him.” My question is: Where was Father Kavanaugh before the presidential election expressing as much concern and “fright” over the prospect of a Clinton Democratic administration whose platform stated that abortion including partial birth abortion was a right?

By: John Stegeman

As Glenmary serves in your diocese, I read each of your issues as they come out. I finished the Nov. 24 newspaper and I wanted to offer my kudos on the commentaries on page 18.

Mary Hood Hart and Father Michael Kavanaugh were wonderful. They are firm, courageous, Catholic stances that many diocesan publications would lack the courage to share so clearly.

Thank God for His Excellency Bishop Hartmayer for publishing these and to you and your staff.

By: Juliette Barry
Mary Hood Hart must be riddled with feelings of guilt to write in her article ‘Waging warfare on U.S. Streets’ 7/21/2016-“Those of us who are driven to seek justice and peace must recognize how we have contributed to the systems in place that have led to the violence we are now experiencing all too frequently…”
By: L. Taylor
(In reference to Catholic News Service’s report “Healing Racial Divides” in the July 21st issue)
Bishop Ricard told Catholic News Service, after the many recent killings, that people are asking the Catholic Church to “Give us some direction; show us some leadership. Show us our concerns are your concerns and that you are with us because we see ourselves under siege in many ways.” 


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